Shrine Cabinets for the Buddhist Centre in Preston

James Charnley Preston joiner - shrine cabinets

In October 2010, I was commissioned by Kelsang Powa, a resident monk at the Buddhist centre, to build new 4.3 metre by 3 metre shrine cabinets as a focal point in the main teaching area. A small scale model based on my original designs was augmented by CAD plans by Kelsang Powa who previously worked as an engineering designer and researcher at British Aerospace. The base is built on a wooden ridged frame surrounded by oak veneered MDF. There are 4 functioning doors either side which look like front panels. The upper frame holding the glass is made of rebated oak sections with a discrete door at the side allowing for access. Kelsang Powa wired up the very effective recessed lights at the top and base and also installed the glass shelf. The beautiful blue background was painted by Drolma, who combines practicality with spirituality to great effect.

The client, residents of and visitors to the centre have been very pleased with the finished work, which was completed in just over two months.